90th Setra bus for Fromm Reisen

Stuttgart/Wain. Fromm Reisen OHG has received their 90th Setra bus. The S 418 LE business low-entry vehicle of the Setra MultiClass series is predominantly used for public transport routes in the Neu-Ulm, Biberach and Alb-Donau regions. To ensure optimum safety for passengers, the company from Wain in southern Germany opted for the latest active filter in their bus. The system developed by Daimler Buses features an anti-viral functional layer and filters out the finest of aerosols from the air, thereby reducing their concentration.
The bus company founded by Otto Fromm Senior in 1929 now has 21 vehicles in operation from the Setra brand. The collaboration with the brand began back in 1965 when the company's founder ordered his first Setra vehicles – one S 13 model and two S 14 vehicles from the 10 model series. The ever-growing bus company was taken over in 1967 by his son Otto. His children Sigrid, Peter and Alexander have been running the company since 2000. With the comprehensive range of regular-service routes, bus rental and touring coach operations, the business which now employs a staff of 50 is supported by three very strong pillars.

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