CO₂-neutral with gas-powered engine: The Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGT hybrid

The switch-over to electric drive systems in urban buses is a complex topic and requires extensive preparations. Thus, the rapid and comparatively less cost-intensive option to implement the especially environmentally friendly intermediate technology goes by the name of the Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGT hybrid with natural-gas drive.

With the optional hybrid module, Mercedes-Benz has developed a technological treat: The Citaro NGT hybrid is up to 8.5 percent more efficient. Gas engines emit almost no particulate matter and NOx emissions are also very low. When used in conjunction with biogas or bio natural gas, the Citaro NGT hybrid is almost CO₂ neutral. And it is this technology which Augsburg's public utilities are turning to with their six new Citaro NGT hybrid buses. In Oldenburg, the VWG transport company will be putting the world's first Citaro G NGT hybrid articulated bus into operation, and best of all, they will be running it on bio natural gas. Demand around Europe is high: In Bourges, central France, where the transport company STU Bourges is a subsidiary of RATP Dev, has also decided for the Citaro NGT hybrid as well as Spanish providers EMT Madrid and Aucorsa Cordoba. Plus, in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana this summer, the first of a total order of 17 Citaro NGT hybrid buses will take to the streets

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