Two good reasons for celebration: 25 years of the Mercedes Benz Tourismo and 30,000 units of Europe's best-selling touring coach produced

25 years ago, it enjoyed its world premiere and now Mercedes Benz has handed over the 30,000th unit: the Mercedes Benz Tourismo is the best-selling touring coach of its time in all of Europe. Three is the magic number: the current third generation was introduced two years ago and impresses more than ever before, thanks to a number of Tourismo-typical characteristics – unbeaten safety, maximum economy and high levels of comfort.

Anniversary model for the Polish bus company RAF TRANS

Rafał Jańczuk, Managing Director of the Polish bus company RAF TRANS, at the handover of the 30,000th Tourismo: "The Mercedes Benz Tourismo is a true all-rounder. For businesses, the Tourismo is a real economic miracle, plus for passengers and driver's it is a safe and comfortable bus." The anniversary model was handed over to Rafał Jańczuk in Warsaw. RAF TRANS operates tourist routes, long-distance regular service lines and VIP shuttles with their fleet of around 220 buses. And the Mercedes Benz Tourismo forms the backbone of its fleet. RAF TRANS also puts its faith in the three-pointed star when it comes to minibuses and luxury sedans for VIP use too.

When choosing the specifications for the anniversary bus, RAF TRANS placed great emphasis on economy, safety and comfort. The 12.3-metre-long, high-deck touring coach features such equipment as the Active Brake Assist 4 emergency braking system, the ESP Electronic Stability Program, the ART autonomous intelligent cruise control system, the Lane Assistant as well as the Attention Assist. Passengers take up their place on Travel Star Eco seats featuring the especially comfortable Luxline upholstery. In the attractive and user-friendly Comfort Plus cockpit, the driver has a leather multifunction steering wheel. The high-deck bus is powered by the highly efficient and low-emission Mercedes Benz OM 70 six-cylinder inline engine with 290 kW (394 hp) output.

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo: safe, economical, comfortable and functional

After selling more than 26,000 units, the third generation of the high-deck Mercedes Benz Tourismo was launched on the market in autumn 2017. With all of its characteristics, the touring coach impresses businesses, passengers and drivers alike more than ever before. A broad range of equipment variants and engines means that the high-deck bus covers an unusually wide spectrum. Its field of possible uses ranges from long-distance bus routes to long-distance tourism and also includes shuttles and plant-internal transport, as well as day trips and the occasional use on inter-city bus routes. The third-generation Tourismo is again the star in the business segment.

With the current Tourismo, Mercedes Benz has introduced some new assistance systems. Active Brake Assist 4 is the only emergency braking assistant for buses, which automatically brakes in the face of vehicles, stationary obstacles or also for pedestrians. Sideguard Assist warns the driver when turning off to the right in the event of pedestrians, cyclists and stationary obstacles being present. There is no other bus on the market that is safer than the Tourismo.

The economy of the Tourismo becomes clear every time you stop for fuel. The low fuel consumption is the result of the excellent aerodynamics with their unbeaten air resistance value of Cd = 0.33 as well as the efficient drivetrain. With equipment such as the Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) cruise control system or the Eco Driver Feedback (EDF) system which provides personalised tips for the current driving style can help further reduce both fuel consumption and emissions.

The Tourismo offers its passengers a homely feeling of well-being. Among the highlights of the bright and friendly passenger compartment equipment, is the optional Softline upholstery: its attractive diamond-shaped pattern reminds of the luxury saloons of the brand with the three-pointed star. Climate control with two-zone regulation ensures a constant temperature flow within the vehicle.

With four models in lengths ranging from 12.3 m to 14.0 m, as well as a choice of either a two or three-axle variant, the Tourismo has something to suit almost any requirements. One special feature is the option to choose between two different cockpits: businesses can opt for either the functional "Basic Plus cockpit" variant or the comfort-oriented "Comfort Plus cockpit" variant.

A success story since 1994: the first Mercedes-Benz bus to be given a name

The success story of the Mercedes Benz Tourismo started in 1994, albeit having celebrated its debut under a different name: O 350 Tourismo. It was the first bus with a three-pointed star which had a name. Mercedes Benz had a clear positioning in mind: the high-decker was destined for the business segment – above all, it was economical but also especially comfortable and solidly built.

Underneath its modern bodywork with noticeably tapered C-pillar was a whole host of top-of-the-line technology, including a superb chassis with all-round disc brakes. The O 350 Tourismo broke away from the conventions of the bus world: as a right-hand-drive, two-axle high-decker, it came mostly pre-assembled in just a single length variant measuring 12 m and was kitted out with the full range of equipment available.

The O 350 Tourismo rapidly became a best-seller. Just ten years after its launch, the Tourismo was already able to celebrate a special anniversary with the exclusively-equipped "Edition 10,000" special series.

In autumn 2006, after selling more than 12,000 units, the second-generation Tourismo arrived as a shining new star among fellow buses. Now the high-decker is available in three lengths ranging from 12.1 to 14.0 m as well as in two-axle and three-axle variants. Besides the body, the equipment has become more individual and thus enables the Tourismo to be better adapted to individual operations and country-specific characteristics. A major component of the safety equipment was the electronic stability system ESP. With the right-hand-drive version, as well as automated and fully-automatic transmissions available, it conquered new business fields.

This new Tourismo also quickly developed into a sales hit: in 2013, the vehicle reached the 20,000 units mark since being introduced in 1994. In the anniversary year 2014, Mercedes Benz presented a number of innovative safety and assistance systems for the Tourismo, including Lane Assist and the AEBS advanced emergency braking system.

Across all three generations of the high-decker, Mercedes-Benz has continued to further develop and refine the Tourismo concept. And this is why it remains the undisputed star among touring coaches.

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