New models and components for Mercedes-Benz and Setra all have one thing in common: Every innovation is put to the test. Engines must withstand heat and cold. Chassis must stand up to low and high friction on the road. While many things can now be simulated on a computer or inspected at test stations, practitioners know that reality is never the same as theory. That's why our buses are tested under the most extreme conditions. 

Andreas Dingler, a test engineer through and through, is always part of the tests. The extreme temperature tests are conducted in the winter in Arvidsjaur (Sweden) or Rovaniemi (Finland) at the polar circle, and in the summer in Granada (Spain) or Milan (Italy). Long-distance tests are conducted on the Syrian border or in eastern Anatolia (Turkey). 

Name: Andreas Dingler
Education and career: School, German army and university studies (mechanical engineering degree) in Ulm. Joined EvoBus in 1996. 
Hobbies: Riding motorcycles
Personal motto: When there's a will, there's a way. When there's no will, there's an excuse. 
Area of activity: Head of testing for integral buses

Mr. Dingler, from the polar circle to Turkey ... you travel a lot, right?

Andreas Dingler: Yes, but not only to the endurance tests. I have a team of 100 people at two locations, Neu-Ulm and Mannheim. So my life is practically spent on the road. This mobility is typical for someone who tests vehicles for a living. 

What was the highlight of your career? 

Andreas Dingler: The Tourino midibus. I designed and developed the vehicle before it was tested and manufactured. I was in charge of this vehicle from the first brush stroke to the time of production. 

Traveling to Scandinavia with its below-zero temperatures is tough not only on the buses, but on you and your team, as well. Is this enough snow and winter for you, or do you like winter vacations on top of that? 

Andreas Dingler (laughs): It's definitely enough. I'm really more of a summer person! 

In spite of the snow, ice, and temperatures well below freezing, the EvoBus and Daimler Buses test engineers, mechanics and drivers travel to the far north from January to March on behalf of the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands. See the extreme conditions for yourself … 

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