A breath of fresh air from Kortrijk

BusWorld is taking place in Kortrijk (Belgium) from 20 to 25 October, with 350 exhibitors from 33 countries presenting their latest products. It goes without saying that Daimler Buses will also be represented with its Mercedes-Benz, Setra, OMNIplus and BusStore brands, and will be showing its latest innovations to the 35,000 visitors.

In the following, you will find an overview of the highlights and news from the trade fair.



Mercedes Benz Citaro hybrid

The main highlight stems from our best-seller urban bus: the Citaro hybrid will celebrate its world début at the bus trade fair. With its hybrid drive, it breaks new ground in terms of sustainability and cost efficiency.

The Citaro hybrid consumes up to 8.5 percent less than the tried and tested Citaro. Hybrid technology is characterised by minimal additional weight and quick amortisation. Instead of installing a large electric motor, the hybrid is uncompromisingly optimised for economic efficiency and is thus the first ever hybrid bus that amortises on account of its lower diesel consumption.

The new Citaro's hybrid technology is very efficient, particularly in urban use: when braking, the electric motor works as a generator. In city traffic, where moving off and braking are frequent, this technology can thus come into play very often. The supercapacitors are charged while braking. When moving off, these supply the electric motor so that it can support the internal combustion engine.

Thanks to the space-saving design of the hybrid, no restrictions whatsoever are imposed on the interior. Moreover: it can be installed in practically every existing model variant, including the natural gas-powered Citaro CNG. In this case, the combination of natural-gas engine and electric motor mean that a previously unattainable ecological balance can be achieved.

Overall, we have thus taken what was already the best and made it even better, and for the first time we are offering a truly economical hybrid solution for public transport.

Click here to find out more Information about the Citaro hybrid.

Setra double-decker TopClass S 531 DT

A new TopClass model from the Setra brand is also celebrating its world première: the S 531 DT. Like its urban-transport colleague, the touring double-decker is a convincing prospect with its excellent economic efficiency. In addition, it radiates the typical elegance and design idiom of a Setra bus and offers even higher levels of comfort.

Seating and equipment can be chosen individually depending on the intended use. New equipment variants include wheelchair bays, a galley and a demountable platform with optional pram area. A particular highlight is something borrowed from the Mercedes-Benz S-Class: when moving off and opening the door, a fragrance generator dispenses a discreet, pleasing scent so that passengers feel completely at ease.

The Setra also sets standards when it comes to safety. Thanks to Active Brake Assist 4, which likewise celebrates its world première in Kortrijk, it automatically brakes in emergencies and also when it detects moving objects and pedestrians. Sideguard Assist employs radar sensors to monitor the buses´ blind spot and thus warn the driver of pedestrians or obstacles, which he would otherwise not be able to see.

The new 531 DT thus sets standards in all respects. Click here to find out more information about the double-decker.


OMNIplus ON – that is the start button for digital networking at Daimler Buses. This includes combining all current and future services for our buses in a single platform. The best thing is that vehicle, driver, bus operator and Daimler are all connected through the service and exchange data continuously.

What might sound trivial at first, turns out to be a winner in daily applications. For example, the buses send vehicle information in real time to Daimler as the service partner through the integrated service OMNIplus Uptime. This means that necessary repairs and maintenance work can be detected in advance and downtimes can be avoided. OMNIplus additionally assigns an appropriate service outlet and ensures that all necessary parts are available on site. This ensures that the buses are automatically back where they belong as quickly as possible: in operation on the road.

Networking also ensures that bus operators always have an overview of all important data on their buses and drivers. They can check where their vehicles are, which driver is consuming how much fuel and the vehicle's tank fill level. Drivers also benefit from this: in the new Driver's App they receive instructions for the daily check of the vehicles, assistance carrying out small repairs and updated information on bus routes and changes of schedule.

This all goes to show that, with OMNIplus ON, Daimler Buses is up to speed with digitalisation, and can now respond to customers' wishes even better and more flexibly.

Click here for more information about OMNIplus ON.

Tourismo RHD

The new Mercedes-Benz Tourismo celebrated its première just one month ago, and now it is being presented at BusWorld in Kortrijk. After eleven years, the new Tourismo replaces Europe's most successful high-decker touring coach, and it does so with a certain pride.

The new Tourismo subscribes to the principles of maximum economic efficiency, safety, functionality and comfort, all of which makes it a convincing prospect for operators, drivers and passengers alike. The bus has shed 200 kg and in addition has a very low aerodynamic drag – guarantees for extremely low fuel consumption, which has been further reduced by 4.5 percent in the new generation. With yearly mileage of 100,000 km, bus operators can save up to 2000 litres of fuel with the new generation of engines.

The new touring coach means maximum safety combined with the highest level of comfort for passengers. For example, the Tourismo brakes independently in emergencies thanks to Active Brake Assist 4, informs the driver when his attention drops off, and dissipates the impact energy specifically at uncritical spots in an accident. The interior is now designed to be brighter and more comfortable, and is reminiscent of the luxury class saloons with the three-pointed star. Passengers also experience digitalisation: ultra-modern multimedia equipment, 230 V power outlets as well as a precisely-controllable two-zone air conditioning system ensure maximum passenger well-being.

A significantly extended range of appointment variants and engines means that the new Tourismo RHD lends itself to an extraordinarily wide spectrum of applications. Its field of application ranges from long-distance and short-distance regular-service routes to shuttle services, to excursion travel and occasional use on inter-city routes.

Further information on the new Tourismo can be found here.

Sprinter City 45 minibus

Another new addition is the left-hand-drive variant of the Sprinter City 45 minibus. Thanks to its longer overhang, it now offers 13 seats in the rear. Up to nine new seats have been added in the low-floor zone.There is also room for wheelchairs and folding seats.The Sprinter is especially suited to less frequented routes on inter-city services or on the outskirts of cities on account of its modest dimensions and minimal fuel consumption. It is also optimally equipped for night routes or for use in small towns.



What else was there to see?

Apart from these highlights, Daimler Buses also presented many other products at BusWorld. This included the S 515 HDH, S 511 HD and S 415 LE Business models from Setra. Test drives were offered with the Mercedes-Benz Intouro L as well as the Sprinter Travel 65, among others. The BusStore also drew particular interest. With the brand, Daimler Buses is bundling its used vehicles business. What sets the BusStore apart from other suppliers of used vehicles is its Europe-wide positioning, a unique pool of vehicles, expert advice, strict quality criteria, careful processing as well as standardised classification.

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