February 23rd: foundation of EvoBus GmbH through of the merger of the Setra and Mercedes-Benz brands 

EvoBus GmbH has a workforce of about 9,340 employees


The OMNIplus service brand is launched. Today it is an integral part of EvoBus GmbH  

The first seven subsidiaries are founded in Europe (outside Germany)


Presentation of the new Mercedes-Benz city bus generation Citaro 

Start of the integrated production network between Mannheim and Ulm/Neu-Ulm


EvoBus is the first bus manufacturer to equip its Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses with the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) as standard

World premiere of the Setra ComfortClass 400  


With respect to unit sales and revenues, 2004 is the most successful year of EvoBus to date 

EvoBus founds Mercedes-Benz Minibus GmbH


Just three years after the world premiere of the ComfortClass 400 and five years after the premiere of the TopClass 400, Setra celebrates a double success: The 5,000th vehicle of each model series is delivered to customers


The first diesel hybrid Citaro is built 

The Mercedes-Benz Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid is presented


Fifteen years after being founded, EvoBus GmbH is the market leader in development, production, service, sales and environmental technologies

In 2010, the 10,000th chassis is handed over to a customer in Sámano


The Mercedes-Benz Citaro is manufactured with Euro VI engines as standard  

Since 2012, two years before being mandated by law, the Mercedes-Benz Citaro is produced with Euro VI emission control technology and is thus a pioneer in matters of environmental friendliness


The responsibility for the sales and marketing of Mercedes-Benz and Setra is now in one hand

Restructuring of the used vehicle activities under the new BusStore brand


EvoBus GmbH celebrates its 20th anniversary 

With its 15 European subsidiaries, EvoBus employs a workforce of 10,363

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