EvoBus has a wide array of traineeships including commercial and technical training, work/study programs and internships: EvoBus GmbH offers you countless possibilities. Take a look behind the scenes here: Our trainees introduce themselves and share a glimpse of their workdays. Read some entries to find out what training place might be best for you. 

We look forward to your application!

The apprenticeship at EvoBus is very versatile. As a global player, EvoBus offers the possibility to gain work experience abroad – during the apprenticeship already. 

Nicole Baur, industrial clerk

Varied work and a great work environment – this is what EvoBus stands for!

Selcuk Kocak, warehouse specialist

You learn something new every day.

Niklas Sachs, vehicle paint-shop specialist

EvoBus is placing great importance on equality and diversity!  

Daniela Ilkner, production mechanics

Diversified and international – that’s how our EvoBus crew is set up!

Juliane Hagmann, industrial clerk

EvoBus is pioneering and future-oriented. I’m dealing with future technologies and alternative powertrains in my everyday work.

Nico Weber, automotive mechatronic for systems and high-voltage engineering

EvoBus offers training and promotion opportunities.

Tülay Tarakcilar, vehicle interior decorator

Communication and regular exchange meetings are a major issue at EvoBus. We strive for our goals as a team!

Thomas Knoll, production mechanics

As a woman in a classical male domain, I have all the same opportunities at EvoBus.

Isabel Hampe, mechatronics technician

My apprenticeship at EvoBus was the perfect base for my consecutive cooperative study programme.

Sebastian Dahint, mechatronics technician

Sonja Schmitz, work/study participant for electromobility at EvoBus GmbH

What did your friends say when you chose a work/study program in technology at EvoBus?

Because my friends had plenty of exposure to my love of technology during school, they weren't really surprised that I chose this course of study. They were definitely impressed, though, when I said I was studying with a renowned company like EvoBus! 

What do you think the advantages of a work/study program are?

The unique aspect is the link between theory and practice. The learning content is perfectly matched to what I do at work, so I'm not learning anything that will be useless later on. The smaller groups of about 25 students are also a great advantage. 

What was the selection process? 

After I submitted my application on the website, I was invited to take an online test, which was basically a behavioral assessment. Then I was invited to an on-site test in Mannheim. This was for cognitive abilities such as logic, memory and math. Then there was the Assessment Center with group tasks, presentations and one-on-one interviews. 

How is the course designed and what degree will you earn?

The course comprises three-month phases, which alternate between the dual university and the company. Participants visit a different department each time and work on the day-to-day business or on projects. There is also the option to spend one of these practical phases at a foreign subsidiary of the company. After I finish my studies I'll have a bachelor of engineering and can get a job immediately. 

What's special about studying electromobility?

Electromobility, as an extension of mechatronics, is a new and particularly innovative course of study. It is always about forging a link between vehicle technology and electromobility. The teachers and students alike are really excited about electromobility. 

Have your expectations been met? 

My expectations were exceeded, especially in the practical phases. The working environment is very innovative and open to the new ideas and fresh perspectives that we students bring.

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