By Setra to the Miss election

Applicants of the Miss France election travel by Setra from one show to the next

For more than 20 years now, contestants in the Miss France election have been driven from one show to the next by the Savac bus company. A comfortable and safe choice to say the least. For this year's election, the 30 candidates were able to enjoy their travels around France in the luxury of an S 516 HDH. Featuring the likes of a panoramic glazed roof and its very own lounge area, the touring bus from the Setra TopClass series benefits from the most modern of safety and assistance systems, and was thus a great choice to bring the 18 to 24-year-old potential heirs to the throne to the final show in Lille (see photo). The radiant winner on the night itself was 24-year-old Vaimalama Chaves from Tahiti, who can now proudly wear the tiara for her year as Miss France 2019.

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