New at OMNIplus On: innovative bus charter concept for Germany

Step-by-step, OMNIplus On, the digital service portal from Daimler Buses, is being expanded with innovative applications tailored to the needs of bus companies. The next feature that Daimler Buses will offer, this time in co-operation with the Viennese company "EBA Bus Alliance GmbH", is the Online Charter System which will be integrated into the OMNIplus On Portal. The system allows bus companies to manage their charter travel digitally and to advertise their offering via the "" platform or on their own website.

If, for example, a teacher is looking for a touring coach for a school trip, he can compare, request and directly book offers from bus companies using "".

The new service for highly developed charter management is anchored in the OMNIplus On monitor area which also includes time management, operational planning and monitoring. It thus makes use of all the advantages of digitisation and connectivity made possible by the platform concept. 

The Online Charter System from EBA, established on the market since 2013, is to be made available to bus companies in the OMNIplus On Portal via a link. In this way, a link to the data of the respective fleet of the bus company can be made.

Thanks to integration in the OMNIplus On Portal, bus companies can access their own vehicle data stored there. This significantly reduces the time and effort required for data management and the entry of information used as the basis for generating prices in the tool.

The advantages of the new bus charter management system which is already being used by more than half the charter travel companies in Austria, are above all the maximum level of transparency and the flexibility for companies and their customers. Instead of waiting for up to three days for a quote – as was the case until now – interested parties receive quotes immediately online for various providers and can book directly. In the process, charter travel companies can provide prices and other parameters for their services flexibly in the system and thus tailor their offering in line with their business model, fleet, individual vehicle equipment and status of personnel. 

The co-operation between Daimler Buses and EBA began in August 2020 with the roll out of the service for Germany. Once technical integration has been completed in the coming months, it will be possible to book the Charter Management service in the OMNIplus On Portal.

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