Setra vaccination bus in operation

Daimler Buses is supporting local Covid-19 vaccination campaigns with a Setra MultiClass S 415 LE business. Up to 400 vaccinations can be carried out every day in the lowentry vehicle which Dr. Jens Heinemann, Head of Private Customer Sales, Germany, at Daimler Buses handed over to Thomas Goertler, Head of Vaccination and Tests at the Huber Group (photo). The company based in Mühlhausen, in Germany's Swabian region has developed an innovative interior concept that provides the facilities for a fully digitised vaccination process from registration to consultations about the vaccine and the actual vaccination.

In the coming weeks Huber will use the bus in areas where, for example, older people must travel greater distances to the next vaccination centre. In this way the bus, in which active filters developed by Daimler Buses filter out the finest aerosols with antiviral functional layers, is relieving the strain on the main vaccination centres. Furthermore, in future the bus will be available to companies and institutions for vaccination campaigns on their own premises.

The 12-metre-long S 415 LE business bus is equipped with four vaccination booths that are separated from one another by consoles with monitors and newly developed interchangeable load carriers for syringes. The rear area of the Setra inter-city bus is fitted with a registration area, seats for medical consultations, workstations for preparation of doses and a refrigerator for storing the various vaccines.

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