Setra – optimum visibility for half a century

Some 50 years ago the Setra brand presented the 100 model series. A total of 12 339 units of this Setra vehicle generation - comprising a host of touring, inter-urban and regular service coaches and buses - were sold. Among other features, the coaches featured a more angular design and larger passenger compartments with extended interior headroom compared with the models of the preceding 10 series. All models were fitted for the first time with independent suspension on the front axle as standard. The 100 model series included the Panorama coach, offering perfect all-round visibility with its raised floor and considered the forerunner to all high-deck coaches.

The Setra Panorama coach with gold-anodised outer panelling was produced specially for the Swiss company Zumstein. Next to it is an S 515 HDH from the current Setra TopClass range.

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