The role of EvoBus as an employer

More than 8,000 employees at our European locations work with a maximum of dedication and passion for the benefit of our daily business. We offer a diverse range of jobs, including numerous opportunities for development. 

What makes us a sought-after employer? What can we offer our employees? How do we fulfill our responsibility to employees? 

The role of EvoBus as an employer - all benefits at a glance

Human resource development is an integral part of our corporate strategy. With the strategic promotion and training of all employees, young talent and managers, HR provides long-term support for the entire organization's innovative edge and forward-looking development. It identifies future managers and uses the Group's standard, binding processes and programs (e.g. CAReer trainee program, goal agreement process, talent programs for high potentials, promotion seminars for newly appointed managers at all levels) to shape the EvoBus management culture. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler AG, the processes are harmonized between EvoBus and Daimler. 

Career and family. EvoBus is firmly committed to the successful combination of career and family. We supply expectant parents with information on maternity leave and parental leave, and after the new arrival, we offer flexible working schedules and child care options. This makes it easier for parents to return to the workplace. We also provide workshops and information events to help employees who are caring for other family members. Since 2009 we have been certified as a "family-friendly company" by berufundfamilie gGmbH. 

Life balance. We do not restrict flexible working schedules to employees with family obligations; rather, we extend this option to all of our staff. Part-time schedules, flextime, telecommuting, job sharing and "out-of-office agents" to manage e-mails during an employee's vacation so that the first day back at work is a little more pleasant: There are many ways of achieving the optimal work-life balance. 

Diversity. Diversity means numerous forms of cooperation, promoting talented female employees, international collaboration with employees from the Daimler Buses locations worldwide, and interaction between younger and older employees. We see diversity as an enrichment to our work and a key competitive advantage that we are proud to use. 

Health management. We are committed to helping our employees stay healthy. Therefore, we have a comprehensive health program at our locations, with a wide range of services and classes on the topics of exercise, nutrition and relaxation so that all employees can play an active role in their own health. Employes also enjoy on-site physical therapy and company sports leagues, along with various special health campaigns. Occupational therapy is available to assist employees returning to the workplace after long periods of illness. The ergonomic conditions at the workstations are regularly monitored and adjusted as necessary. The company medical service is available to employees and managers for occupational medical issues or on-site emergencies. 

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