Vacation greetings from the new Tourismo

While the days in Germany are becoming more and more grey, the new Tourismo takes advantage of the perfect weather on Croatia's Adriatic Coast to convince journalists from more than 20 countries of its qualities. The new jewel in the crown of Mercedes-Benz touring coaches was utterly impressive on the winding roads by the Mediterranean.

"Now you can test the handling during the "ballet" on the coastal and country roads of Croatia yourself", is how Gustav Tuschen, Head of Development Daimler Buses, gets the official press trial drive underway in his welcome speech. The first leg takes the journalists from Split along the picturesque coast to Primošten. The testers drive the entire spectrum of the new Tourismo model range, with the top-of-the-line model dominating the scene with a length of 14 metres and an output of 335 KW (456 hp).

Enthusiasm is in the air at the start when the new automatic distance control system is used: it maintains the distance from the vehicles ahead smoothly and conveniently. What's more, the bus automatically stops at red lights and also starts off again independently. "From our point of view, the new Tourismo sets a new standard in the development of mobility", says bus operator José Maria Chavarria Homedes from Spain, emphasising the promising technologies. Ultimately, so the plan, the driver is to be relieved to the greatest possible extent and provided the best possible support.

The journalists, who travelled from all over Europe, are grateful to the new Tourismo, and enjoy the impressive scenery. "We placed the focus on all three user groups during the development: operators, drivers and passengers", explains Ulrich Bastert, Head of Marketing, Sales and Customer Services Daimler Buses, in his speech. For the drivers this means: a flexibly adjustable driver's seat, the best possible view as well as lots of room and stowage space all of these comforts do not go unnoticed in Croatia either.

Mercedes-Benz equally tailored the new coach to the operator's needs: The significantly reduced fuel consumption protects not only the environment, but also lowers the operating costs, which for the new Tourismo are lower than ever before. The passengers can also look forward to the new Tourismo: Entirely in keeping with digitisation, the coach is equipped with a WLAN and 230V sockets, while the pantry is controlled by touchscreen. In addition, there are further revised luxury seats.

At the end of the day it is clear: this coach is able to impress not only on Croatia's coast, but is ready for the requirements of bus operators throughout Europe. The new Tourismo presented itself in Croatia as a coach that is digitally connected and technologically efficient, but that also offers maximum comfort. Or, to use the words of Krzystof Redest from Emka Trans bus company in Poland: "We can hardly wait until Mercedes-Benz delivers its new products".

Let's just hope we won't wait as long as for the next summer.

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