Another big order in Poland: 50 Mercedes-Benz Citaro city buses for Wroclaw

At the end of March 2019, Daimler Buses signed a contract for the supply of 50 Mercedes-Benz Citaro city buses to the city of Wroclaw.

The Citaro G articulated bus which is 18.13 metres long provides space for up to 140 passengers and is thus ideal for routes with a high volume of passengers. Equipped with particularly efficient Euro VI engines, the Citaro G offers transport companies superb economy. When calculated per passenger head both the purchase and maintenance costs for the Citaro G are particularly favourable and a low-floor design throughout, from the first to the last row of seats, provides for a high level of comfort and ensures a fast passenger throughflow. The jack-knife control system (ATC) which connects the front and rear sections of the bus also guarantees a high degree of stability and agility.

In the fleet of Wroclaw's transport company, there are already 60 Mercedes-Benz Citaro city buses from 2018 and a further 100 Mercedes-Benz Citaro city buses from 2008 and 2009. After signing a contract for 48 Mercedes-Benz city buses with the town of Gdansk in February 2019, this is already the second big order for Daimler Buses in Poland this year.

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