Jesko Schartel is enrolled in a combined study program, called “Business administration - Forwarding, Transport and Logistics”, in cooperation with EvoBus GmbH in Neu-Ulm. In the course of his studies, he had the opportunity to spend a three month practical-oriented phase in a foreign location – Jesko Schartel was drawn to India.

Mr. Schartel, how did you, as a cooperative student at EvoBus, come to spend a three month practical-oriented phase in India?

Since starting my degree I had wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to complete a practical phase in another country. India had been one of my preferred destinations right from the start, since it would not only allow me to see the country but also to experience the culture of work in India. The timing was also perfect because the new bus plant was being built at the time.

What were your tasks on site?

My job was to support the quality controls for the first parts to arrive from around the world. This included planning the timeline and specifying what should happen if a part was not up to standard.

What experience did you take away from your stay in India and what was your biggest "highlight"?

I will never forget the Indian mentality. In India you are always warmly received, helped at every opportunity and you approach everything with more of a relaxed attitude. The most impressive thing was the sunrise over the Ganges. Not far from the hustle and bustle of the streets there was a moment of calm and a fantastic view.

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