Arrive today. Think of tomorrow. Sustainable along the entire bus line.

Our focus is on responsible business activities. We firmly believe that the only companies which succeed for the long term are those that practice sustainable, value-based management. 

Under the motto "Get there today. Think of tomorrow" we strive to anchor sustainability as a fixed element of our activities and to integrate it into the daily business processes.  -  This means that we are not only dedicated to the highest safety standards and the greatest possible eco-friendly operation of our buses, but are just as committed to environmentally conscious production and vehicle development. We thus want to achieve business successes in consideration of the interests of our stakeholders - such as our employees and our customers - as well as in the interest of the common good. We expect the same standards from our partners and suppliers. -  In addition, sustainability also means offering innovative solutions for rapidly changing mobility requirements in this period of climate change, global urbanization and rising population growth. That is why we offer solutions for transport challenges in urban areas with sustainable mobility concepts like Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems with special lanes designated only for buses. In addition, we strive to make conventional drivetrain technologies even more efficient and cleaner while also driving forward with the development of alternative drive systems. We have been active as technology leader in this area for more than 40 years. Our goal is very clear: We want to enable economical, emission-free driving by the year 2020. 

Our sense of responsibility is reflected in the six dimensions of Employees, Products, Production, Business Partners, Society and Ethics.

Our Responsibility Dimensions

Employee Responsibility.

Our employees around the world apply their efforts and knowledge in order to contribute to the company's success. To accommodate the personal situation of all employees, we foster diversity and equal opportunity – also when it comes to balancing their family and home life. Our family-friendly HR policies have been audited and certified by berufundfamilie gGmbH.

Product Responsibility.

With our vehicles, we aim to provide the greatest customer benefit, top safety standards and a maximum level of environmental and climate protection. Accordingly, we promote continuous development of innovative assistance systems, such as Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) – with benefits for people and the environment. We are also working to continually reduce the fuel consumption of our vehicles and to devise economical solutions for alternative drive systems.

Production Responsibility.

We focus not only on the most environmentally efficient operation of our buses, we are just as devoted to environmentally conscious production and vehicle development. We minimize negative effects from our activities with the help of effective environmental management systems and state-of-the-art technologies. This enables us to conserve valuable resources and contribute to a sustainable environment.

Responsible Business Partners.

For us, acting with integrity is indispensable for a trustworthy partnership. We can only preserve our ethical principles and achieve sustainable success together with our business partners. Accordingly, we supply our partners with comprehensive information about integrity.

Social Responsibility.

For us doing business responsibly means that we are actively committed to the future of society at our locations around the world. As a "good neighbor" we are guided by the local requirements.

Ethical Responsibility.

We know that doing business with honesty is the only way to succeed in the long term. Accordingly, we strive to anchor values such as fairness and openness into our corporate culture. As part of this, whistleblower systems enable employees to report severe violations and serious misconduct anonymously without fearing disciplinary measures or other consequences. We are also dedicated to upholding and promoting human rights in our production facilities and our supply chain.

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