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Digital revolution, urbanization and zero-emission drive technology are changing the way we travel. Automated vehicles will enable new public transport alternatives.

We, Daimler Buses, are shaping the future of public transport together with lateral thinking engineers, start-ups, other partners and our customers.

As the world’s biggest manufacturer of  trucks, buses and premium cars we bring in technological leadership and over 100 years of experience as the driver of innovations in the bus and coach industry: From Carl Benz’ invention of the bus in 1895 to our recent release of the Future Bus.

Mobility Solutions Daimler Buses aims to contribute to a sustainable, safe and highly productive public transport with significant benefits for the traveler.


Do you have out-of-the box ideas about how to reorganize and reimagine the way we use and organize public transport? Are you working in the fields of electric mobility, telematics, people mover or on-demand-concepts? Do you want to validate and develop them with industry experts? We want you to be part of our mobility solutions network.

What we offer

More than 100 years of business and technology experience: Stuck in industry research? We know the industry like no other and can give you access to business expertise and technological knowledge.

Market knowledge: Public transport is about more than technology. We understand the needs and complexities of the various stakeholders involved in our fragmented bus and coach market and can enhance your value proposition.

International sales channels: We are a global player and thus can help you find your clients. Our international network gives you access to the entire customer base of the public transport business.

An industry network: We connect public transportation experts all over the world. As part of our network you can learn from leaders and industry experts that will help you get your business model to the next level.

The most valuable brands: Be part of a trusted family. Our brands Mercedes-Benz and Setra are the most valued brands in the bus and coach industry.

Hardware and prototypes: Test your ideas in the real world. We can offer you access to the prototypes and production of the biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in Europe.

Resources: We can give you access to a broad range of options for fueling your growth. This could be through Daimler or one of our partners.


We are a cross-functional team with a broad expertise in public transportation, software and hardware engineering, connectivity and business development. We are based in Neu-Ulm, Mannheim and Berlin.

Your team Mobility Solutions Daimler Buses.

We are looking forward to hearing from you