5 jaar BusStore Show

Stuttgart / Warsaw - BusStore is celebrating its anniversary: Five years after being founded, the quality brand of EvoBus for pre-owned buses and coaches has earned a leading position in the pre-owned bus business in Europe. BusStore moves even closer to its customer in the anniversary year: this concerns additional locations and services as well as the BusStore Show. For the first time, the trade fair for pre-owned buses and coaches will be held in the Polish capital Warsaw.

BusStore Show for the first time in Warsaw
The Europe-wide BusStore Show on 9/10 March in Warsaw is an important signal for European customers in Central Eastern Europe. The pre-owned bus and coach business plays an even greater role here than in Western Europe. That is why BusStore for the first time will be moving the fifth edition of its BusStore Show from the established location in Neu-Ulm to the "Ptak Expo" exhibition grounds in Warsaw. Here, BusStore will present around 50 buses from Mercedes-Benz, Setra and other brands. As in previous years, BusStore expects industry visitors from more than 20 countries.

Even closer customer proximity thanks to five more locations
BusStore moves even closer to its customer in the anniversary year with new outlets, including outlets in Zagreb/Croatia, Bratislava/Slovakia, Budapest/Hungary as well as Cesis/Latvia. With an outlet in Albi, north-east of Toulouse, BusStore has expanded its presence in France additionally. Now BusStore is present in a total of 19 locations in Europe. BusStore is already planning its next expansion with a second wave.

Due to the different legal forms in the individual countries, BusStore now for the first time makes a distinction between BusStore Centres and BusStore Partners. Centres are Group-owned companies, partners are contractual partners, but separate legal entities. In practice, there is no difference for the customer: the comprehensive commitment to service is the same across all locations.

Additional peace of mind: new warranty for buses and coaches up to six years
This applies to the warranty as well. BusStore has extended its services here. The BusStore warranty of one year on the drive train of Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses is now being extended to buses up to six years and with up to 600 000 km on the tachograph.

Buying used is a matter of trust
Buying used is a matter of trust: Founded in 2013, BusStore has combined all activities of Mercedes-Benz and Setra related to pre-owned buses and coaches, and professionalised them further. The hallmark traits of BusStore are the unrivalled vehicle pool with several hundred pre-owned buses and coaches throughout Europe and unique services ranging from the careful inspection and reconditioning of pre-owned buses and coaches, and the transparent classification as belonging to the categories Gold, Silver and Bronze, to warranties and services. BusStore markets some 2000 buses and coaches a year in this way.

All sites of BusStore are located in the vicinity of major OMNIplus service centres. This ensures maximum expertise for the reconditioning of any pre-owned bus. Potential buyers are able to search for the bus or coach they want not just at their national location, but throughout Europe. In addition to personal contact or a query, the homepage www.bus-store.com in 20 languages is ideal for this purpose.

BusStore does business as a separate brand independently of new vehicle sales. The experts buy popular pre-owned buses and coaches and sell them internationally. This also applies to competitor models in addition to Mercedes-Benz and Setra.

In a nutshell: BusStore offers buyers of pre-owned buses and coaches first-class second-hand quality.

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